Lost and Found Donors

We are entering the height of fundraising season! Giving Tuesday is November 30th, and then it is fundraising nonstop until the end of the year. Are you ready? When it comes to year-end fundraising, many organizations focus on ensuring those who gave in the prior year will make a gift this year. The next priority is often new donors: who can we attract through our events (live, virtual, and hybrid); who will give through our online giving portal; and will we bring in donors from our social media? The group that is often overlooked is lapsed donors. In the language of fundraising, a lapsed donor is an individual or organization who made a gift in the past but did not give last year. We recommend creating a team that specializes […]

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Is new funding a distraction? Four questions to ask

Does your organization get derailed when new funding is thrown into the mix? Don’t say “yes” until you know what it will take for you to be successful. Learn more.

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CEO Transition

Leadership changes are inevitable within the nonprofit sector. This week we share suggestions for how to survive a leadership transition and critical questions to ask during the process.

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