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Who We Serve

Our True Passion

We are proud that our clients say they are stronger after our time together, and we remain invested in their success.

More than 140 organizations have worked with us to achieve their goals through services tailored to their needs. We know how important it is for volunteer and staff leaders of nonprofit organizations to feel confident in their decision to invest resources in consulting services.


We believe in the important work conducted by grassroots, emerging, and established nonprofit organizations. The value of the nonprofit sector cannot be overemphasized. Schools, medical programs, mentorship, arts education, scientific research, land conservancy, feeding of the hungry, housing for the homeless — the list of services and the types of advocacy engaged in by nonprofit organizations are vitally needed.


At Saad&Shaw we have a long history of working with historically Black colleges and universities. We understand the culture, history, and impact of HBCUs and the critical niche they fulfill.

Through our combined 50 years of experience working with over 30 HBCUs, the Texas Association of Developing Colleges, and the United Negro College Fund, we understand the constraints under which many HBCUs operate. And, we know their assets including strong relationships, successful alumni, and local and regional economic impact.

Importantly, we understand that the philanthropic marketplace and corporate donors require an emphasis on the future, not the past. We understand the concerns and interests of prospective donors and partners and help you focus on meeting their requirements as you reach your fundraising objectives.  We build capacity.


We work with philanthropists and foundations who want to help grow the fund development and fundraising capacity – and sustainability – of select nonprofits and cohorts.

We add value to each organization we work with. We add extra value when there is a need for consultants who reflect the diversity of organizational leaders and communities served.

Consider adding a technical assistance grant to select organizations you fund. You can increase your impact by combining funding and access to fundraising professionals, a resource that too many nonprofits go without.

Our goal is to provide you with an additional way to support nonprofits you believe could make a greater impact. We will work with you to define a scope of work – or as The Assisi Foundation of Greater Memphis did, you can offer time and let the nonprofit set their goals for our work together. Learn more about The Grand Experiment.

All our work is flexible and customized.


Faith-related organizations play a key role nationally and in communities across the country. Whether it’s a capital campaign or strategies for securing funds for related community organizations, we can help.

We Listen to What You Have to Say
We Work with You to Understand your Current Fundraising Capacity
We Help You Build an Organization-wide Fundraising Culture

We Can Help

Contact our team to learn more about the variety of ways we can help your organization get to the next level. With a successful track record of over 20 years of fundraising and consulting, we have the tools, knowledge, and experience to help you and your organization succeed.