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Our Services

We will sit down with your leadership and others to conduct a full and complete assessment of:

  • Who you are as an organization

  • What you truly want to accomplish

  • Your group’s current capabilities

  • What it will take to achieve your goals


Saad&Shaw’s counselOnDEMAND provides flexible, low-cost fund development coaching and strategy sessions for nonprofit executives, college presidents, and development directors. We help you meet your challenges and optimize your resources and staff.


  • You receive five hours of fundraising counsel by phone and email, and video conference each month. Conversations can be one-on-one or with your staff, board members, and others of your choosing.


  • This unique and affordable service is ideal for organizations with limited budgets. For others it can be the first step in preparing for a feasibility study or creating a campaign plan. Some use it as an accountability tool to monitor monthly progress. Our guidance is tailored to your needs!

Case for Support

  • The “case for support” is at the heart of all fundraising. It must be clear, concise, and compelling. This document is designed to convince individuals, corporations, foundations, or funding agencies to support your fundraising initiative.
  • Different from a “case study,” a case for support is a forward-looking document that encourages engagement and giving.
  • We work with you and your team to clearly define your fundraising goals and timeframes, and to clearly communicate your unique impact.
  • We ask you questions that major donors and funders ask before they invest. This allows you to create a case for support that proactively answers the questions of those who can make a difference in the life of your organization.
  • We can work with you to create a text-only document or a print-ready fundraising marketing brochure that includes copywriting and graphic design services.

Assessment & Feasibility Interviews & Reports

  • Before you launch a new fundraising initiative let us talk with your current and prospective donors, volunteer leadership, and community stakeholders to learn how they respond to your ideas and case for support.
  • Our experience has shown that it is critical for a nonprofit to know if it can secure the funding required to carry out a strategic plan. You must test your vision — and the projected costs — with your funders.
  • We specialize in feasibility studies for higher education capital and comprehensive campaigns, and provide feasibility services scaled to meet the needs of nonprofit organizations.
  • We interact with your staff and review your reports, policies, and procedures to assess your fundraising readiness.
  • This process and resulting report helps ensure that you launch your fundraising at the right time, targeting the right people with the right case for support.
  • We will work with you to create the right study for your needs and budget.

Fundraising Design & Planning

  • A Saad&Shaw fundraising plan is an extensive, detailed roadmap that can be used to plan for, launch, and manage your fundraising. It is a management tool that can be used to recruit (and retain) volunteer leadership, and to focus the work of fundraising staff and that of the executive director and the board. It is not a spreadsheet, an overview, nor a list of suggested actions.
  • Use this unique tool to manage and evaluate your cultivation and solicitation strategies, and measure fundraising progress. Your plan will be designed to take advantage of your strengths and help address perceived challenges or obstacles to fundraising success.
  • This fundraising management tool will include timetables, strategies for raising funds and rallying support, fundraising budgetary guidelines, data collection methods, and more.


  • Under counselCARE, we become a member of your team to help coach your staff, board members, and volunteer leadership.
  • The strategies shared will guide your annual fundraising or multi-year special campaign.
  • Our unique counselCARE service can be secured for a timeframe that works for you.

Strategic Directions

  • We review your mission, vision, leadership, and programs, working with you to create a roadmap for how to bring these to life.
  • We work with your board and staff to gain their insights and observations.
  • We personally speak with select staff, board members, stakeholders, and funders to learn how they assess your organization and its capabilities. We ask for their insights and suggestions.
  • We help you define your over-arching goals and the steps you need to take to achieve them.
  • We document what we have learned – and what you have agreed to – creating a tool that can help guide your work going forward.

Always focused on teaching and building capacity, Saad&Shaw offers workshops and training sessions.


  • How to Create Your Case for Support
  • Prerequisites for Fundraising Success
  • Fundraising Responsibilities of the Executive Director
  • Custom Learning Sessions Available for Boards, Staff, and Volunteers 


  • Group learning and individual coaching for those who want to grow their fundraising leadership and management skills.
  • Includes three two-hour fund development labs complete with workbooks and online tools.
  • Consistent, individual coaching for each participant.
  • Available as a six-week intensive or a 12-month program.
  • This all-virtual learning experience is an excellent way for philanthropists and foundations to invest in the fundraising capacity of the nonprofit organizations and institutions they believe in.

We Can Help

Contact our team to learn more about the variety of ways we can help your organization grow to the next level. With a successful track record of over 20 years of fundraising and consulting, we have the tools, knowledge, and experience to help you and your organization succeed.