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The past few months have been a time of phenomenal and fast-moving change. We are living in a time of COVID-19. At the same time we are having a national conversation about police violence, systemic racism, and how so much of what we know as “life in America” is built on assumptions that do not value Black lives. Truly it is a time of change.

As we all move forward, we share with you eight columns from the past few months. We hope you will look through these and find ones that can help you and your organization navigate how to move forward. 

First, let’s celebrate some good news. LeMoyne-Owen College is the recipient of a $40 million beneficial endowment.  

  1. Check your relevancy during times of transition. Two questions to raise within your organization as you define your way forward.
  2. Nonprofits, what is your business? Are you open to thinking of your organization as a business and those you serve as customers? A radical rethinking of nonprofits.
  3. How to address racial disparities and give Black. Information on resources and guidance for ensuring Black communities are supported during COVID-19.
  4. Don’t lose your momentum. Six things your team can focus on for immediate and mid-term fundraising.
  5. Is your board engaged? All organizations benefit from having an engaged board. When your board is engaged it sets a tone and direction that is inspiring to all members of the organization.
  6. Talk to your donors! Guidance from those on the front lines. Part One, Part Two, and a YouTube.
  7. Major gifts and capital campaigns during times of change. A video conversation with Marc Pitman of the Storytelling Conference.
  1. Lessons Learned: COVID-19 Response Funding. Learn from the work of the Community Foundation of Greater Memphis in responding to the pandemic w an equity lens. Watch the video conversation.

We have written on many subjects over the past 16 years through FUNdraising Good Times. Use the search menu on our website to learn about topics that range from board engagement, to budgeting, making the ask, how to interview for a development position, to what do ask when joining a board, to setting a fundraising goal. We write this column for you – as always, we wish you every success. Please call us as you need us.

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