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Nominate your board member for the 2020 All Everything Honor RollIt’s time to honor board members who help make your nonprofit better through their leadership and generosity. Here’s how to do it!

Engaged board members are at the heart of a nonprofit’s vitality and success. Board members have a unique role to play and we believe it is important to honor those who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to help the nonprofits they are affiliated with to sustain and grow. All readers are offered the opportunity to nominate a board member to become part of the All Everything 2020 Honor Roll. All those who make a nomination will receive a certificate they can share with their nominee.

Nominees for the All Everything 2020 Honor Roll are individuals who, over the past year, have made a difference in the life of your organization. Below are examples of the types of activities they may have engaged in – they are offered only as suggestions to get you thinking about who to nominate from your board.

Nominate your board member for the 2020 All Everything Honor RollNominate your board member now!

  • Is a team player
  • Creative in coming up with ideas to overcome challenges
  • Served as an advocate and voice for the organization
  • Made a major annual gift
  • Helped cultivate and solicit new donors and volunteers
  • Helped re-engage lapsed donors
  • Sought out in-kind services and resources
  • Always accessible to the leadership – including staff, fellow board members and volunteers
  • Hosted an event or project meeting at their home, office or a space they are affiliated with
  • Shared that they have included the organization in their estate planning
  • Attended all board meetings and related activities
  • Participated in events and programs hosted by the organization
  • Encouraged their employer and fellow employees to participate as a donor or volunteer
  • Requested a matching gift from employer in order to make a greater impact
  • Did not seek financial reimbursement for expenses they incurred as they supported the organization
  • Consistently sought out information that helped them be more knowledgeable and conversant about the organization
  • Made the case for giving in a clear, concise and compelling manner
  • Constantly demonstrated commitment, loyalty and accountability
  • Understands their roles and responsibilities
  • Supports the mission, goals and priorities shared by the CEONominate your board member for the 2020 All Everything Honor Roll

Nominate your board member now!

Think about those board members who manifest these qualities (and other positive ones!) and submit their names to become a part of the All Everything 2020 Honor Roll. When you receive the certificate to share with your nominee, consider asking for time at your next board meeting to present the certificate and share a few words on why you nominated your fellow board member. It doesn’t take a lot to honor and recognize leadership, and it sure feels good to know that others appreciate your efforts. Nominate a board member at:

Don’t forget:

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