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We need some new rules for America’s nonprofits! There are over 1.8 million nonprofits in the U.S. who contributed $1.4 trillion to the economy in 2022, according to the Independent Sector. That’s a lot of money put to use helping, employing, educating, healing, and advocating for a lot of people, animals, and micro-climates. We have learned that both major political parties have agreed to establish a National Secretary of Nonprofits. No matter who wins the 2024 presidential election, there will be a win for all nonprofits. We’ve received copies of the details associated with this new cabinet office, and in order to help nonprofit leaders prepare for 2025 we have grouped the official recommendations into three categories. As we expected, the majority of recommendations address fundraising and board leadership.


  1. No yearend campaign – this will be replaced with “new year beginning” campaigns
  2. No giving Tuesday campaigns – these will be replaced with Everyday Giving campaigns – except for Saturday
  3. No gifts under $10 will be accepted – we have to keep up with inflation
  4. No silent auctions – unless they make money.
  5. All golf tournaments will be barred from having a silent auction at the end. Golf only, please.
  6. No major donor can receive more than one award per month.
  7. All award dinner keynote speakers are allocated no more than 10 minutes for their remarks
  8. You can only have a special event if you begin planning it one year in advance
  9. When your special event costs are more than 70% of the revenue, you will be asked to resign
  10. Chicken will be barred from gala dinner menus for the next three years. Possibility of three-year renewal of the ban
  11. Organizations who use the same marketing materials two years in a row will be fined

Board Members

  1. Board members who sleep during board meetings will be fined $1,000 per sleeping incidents. Multiple sleeping incidents during the same meeting will be fined another $1,000 up to $3,000 per meeting.
  2. Zoom participants who do not show their face will be asked to create the agenda and run the next board meeting.
  3. In accordance with the new Healthy Food Only campaign, board members will no longer be reimbursed for fast-food as part of travel expenses
  4. Staff participating in Zoom board meetings will receive hazardous pay
  5. There will be term limits for all board members, except those who give $25,000 annually
  6. Board members who do not make an annual gift can no longer receive free lunches, dinners or event tickets
  7. Signed board commitment forms will have to be notarized
  8. No meeting can begin with excuses and apologies.

Staff leadership

  1. All CEOs will remain on probation until they present a fundraising plan for board approval
  2. Any remaining voicemail systems will be disabled and phones will be answered by humans

Let us know who you believe should be considered for the position, and any additional recommendations that should be considered for 2025 implementation.

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