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Nonprofit fundraising values

Values are at the heart of a nonprofit and its operations. Our question to readers: what are your fundraising values? We truly understand the importance of securing money and resources. At the same time we caution against a “money first” approach to fundraising. We believe that fundraising should be grounded in a nonprofit’s values. We offer six fundraising values for your consideration. The goals and visions of a nonprofit should first meet the needs of the community served. We all have individual dreams and a vision for a better tomorrow. When crafting or reviewing the vision and goals for your nonprofit make sure they meet community needs and are more than a vehicle for your personal aspirations. Make clear how your nonprofit will benefit your community, and keep community benefit […]

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How to write targeted proposals

writing-targeted-proposalsLast week’s column focused on six basic things you should know before writing a proposal. With this column, we address three more nuanced things to consider.

Some nonprofits create a “boiler plate” proposal and send it out to as many foundations and corporations as possible, hoping to “get a hit.” That’s one strategy, and sometimes it is appropriate. Making small modifications to a standard proposal is efficient, particularly when seeking to secure sponsorships and smaller grants. In general, we suggest a more targeted approach.

Here are three things to consider:

  1. What percentage of your revenue do you project will come from foundations or corporations? We recommend building diverse revenue streams. This is important for long-term reasons such as having other revenue streams should foundation/corporation giving contract. A shorter term reason to diversify your revenue is that it signals financial health to foundations who are reviewing your proposal.


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HBCU Nation Radio Show

Here are some of the topics we have covered on The HBCU Radio Show. Prerequisites for fundraising Success – The Book When Do You Resolicit Boards Who Won’t Fundraise NonProfit Fundraising Values with Mel and Pearl Shaw Boost Fundraising by Building a Successful Alumni Relations Program Overcoming the College President’s Achilles’ Heel: FUNDRAISING Fundraising and […]

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Free Tool: Assess Your Fundraising

Download our free fundraising assessment tool. Whether your fundraising for a grassroots advocacy organization, or a large college or university, the principles are the same — fundraising is 90% planning and 10% solicitation. Make this the year you grow your fundraising program. Our simple three-page tool will help you assess your organization’s readiness for a fundraising campaign. Use the […]

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Free Tool: How To Solicit A Gift

Download our free two-page guide to soliciting gifts. Nonprofits often look to board members, volunteers and donors to ask their friends, family members and colleagues to consider making a meaningful gift. Don’t be intimidated — we’ll teach you what to say and do. Download our free two-page guide to soliciting gifts. Additional resources: Our book The Fundraiser’s Guide […]

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Free Tool: College & University Rating

Download our college and university assessment tool. Each year, colleges and universities are rated and ranked by U.S. News & World Report, The Princeton Review, The Washington Monthly, Forbes, College Prowler, Money Magazine and more.  Our rating tool is different: It is an internal assessment designed to inspire reflections, conversation, and action. We encourage you to complete […]

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Company Brochure

Positioning organizations for success… Fund development and so much more. Learn about the Saad&Shaw approach, services, clients, and history. Share with a colleague.

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