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How to integrate and align fundraising with your mission.

How to integrate and align fundraising with your mission

Creating a culture of fundraising Part two of a three-part series Fundraising is the process of attracting people and resources. Yes, it’s about raising money. But it’s also about “how” you raise money. We believe that fundraising should be infused into all aspects of an organization’s culture. It needs to […]

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Creating a culture of fundraising

Part one of a three-part series “How can we raise money before the end of the year?!?” We have received several calls like these. Established and emerging organizations want to make sure they communicate with and solicit donors before the end of the year. It’s too late. Fundraising is something that […]

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Dr. Tracy Hall

Storytelling and fundraising… make sure your story isn’t a fantasy

If your story isn’t real, how can the funds you raise make a difference? Success is what nonprofits are supposed to project. Increased impact. New audiences, more people served, policies changed… Everything is rosy. But what if it isn’t? What if our “successes” blind us to what isn’t working? We […]

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Dr. Belle Wheelan

So you want to be a college president?

Part one of a two-part series – Interview with Dr. Belle Wheelan Your success as a college president requires that you combine your technical or subject matter expertise with strong leadership skills. When considering a position, candidates should evaluate whether or not the open position would be the right fit […]

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Fellows Collage

Community engagement award

Bringing together artists, community leaders, and neighborhood residents is a unique way to create change in under-served communities. Linda Steele, the Chief Community Engagement Officer with ArtsMemphis, is a nationally recognized leader who focuses on bringing these three groups together and ensuring that “the arts” extends beyond the traditionally recognized […]

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How to involve your nonprofit board members

Part three of a three-part series The vitality of a nonprofit lies with its board members. Their individual and collective action, engagement and clarity of mission make all the difference in the world. In this final installment of our interview with Lisa Hoffman we share her thoughts regarding the important […]

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Resources and mindfulness create strong nonprofits

“Any size nonprofit can have strong and engaged leadership, a clear and compelling vision, and a board and organizational culture of positive relationships, commitment and accountability, which combined yield an effective team and organization.

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3 Tips to Achieving Fundraising Success

Interview with Lisa Hoffman, Fundraising Guru Part one of a three-part series If you are lucky, you are fortunate to know people who are “the real deal.” That is Lisa Hoffman. She is an experienced and talented fundraiser and coach. A woman who is both gentle and firm in her […]

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