Which nonprofits will be on your holiday gift list this year?

As you decide whose been naughty and whose been nice, remember the nonprofits who make are “nice” every day of the year.

Which nonprofits will be on your holiday gift list this year?Giving Tuesday is a “global generosity movement” that kicks off on the Tuesday after Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. It’s all about unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world. It’s a great time to start your holiday giving: you can give in person, online, by check or credit card. You can donate your house and everything you own. The choices are endless.

Being of a more moderate nature, we recommend working within a “giving budget.” It will save you from a potential financial hangover in January, and keep you in the joyous spirit. Study your finances and what you need to fulfill your obligations. Define an amount you can give to nonprofits, and work (or play!) within that budget.

Which nonprofits will be on your holiday gift list this year?Here are four recommendations for how to approach your nonprofit giving.

  1. Start with your values. What is important to you personally? What is important to your family, your community? Identify organizations locally, nationally, or internationally that resonate with your values.
  2. Consider the many challenges our communities are facing, and the nonprofits who are struggling to meet a need with a small budget. Local organizations, especially those led by community members, are “on the ground” and know who needs what and why. Your gift to such a nonprofit may go farther, or make a larger impact than you expect.
  3. Which nonprofits will be on your holiday gift list this year?Use a different lens when evaluating where to give. Consider the following statements as you make your choices. Which resonate with how you want to give?
    • I understand what they are doing and why.
    • They value diversity within their organization and amongst those they serve.
    • They walk their talk.
    • They are free of controversy and scandal.
    • They are often at the center of controversy, advancing an agenda, services, and advocacy that I and my family believe in.
    • They keep their costs within reason.
    • They are willing to make investments in programs, technology, and people who will help them deliver on their mission and vision.
    • Leadership is stable and knowledgeable.
    • New leadership is taking the organization into the future.
    • They are headed in the right direction.
    • My family and I have been personally impacted by their work.
    • I volunteer here!
    • They are well managed and financially solvent.
  1. Do your research before you give. We don’t want to take any joy out of your giving, but we do recommend you research organizations who you would consider giving a large gift to. You can use the Candid resource formally known as GuideStar to enter the name of a nonprofit and learn more about its work and finances.

Here’s to Giving Tuesday – December 3rd and every day! Join the global generosity movement.

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