Evaluate 2018 – make 2019 great

Evaluate 2018 – make 2019 greatAs the years change many of us reflect on the past and make promises for the future. We have visions of the wonderful things we will do personally, professionally, and most of all for the nonprofits we serve. We’re with you on that journey with a few suggestions that relate to your nonprofit service.

We have put together an exercise you can use individually, and then share with your fellow board members, staff, or volunteer team for a collective reflection. Review the following lists and evaluate – with a simple “yes” or “no” – what you were able to accomplish.

Board members. Were you able to:
  1. Give or get a meaningful gift?
  2. Propose a “game changing” idea?
  3. Secure an in-kind gift or service that enabled the organization to sustain and grow?
  4. Recruit a board member with the specific skills your board is seeking?
  5. Host an awareness event at your home or office?
  6. Include your nonprofit as a part of your estate planning
  7. Observe another nonprofits in order to gain inputs, ideas, and strategies to enhance your service?
  8. Meet personally with the CEO to see where you could be of help?
  9. Share about your nonprofit via social media?
CEO/Executive Director. Did you:
  1. Develop – or work from – a business plan to help sustain and grow your organization?
  2. Work with staff to make necessary adjustments as it relates to their job descriptions?
  3. Personally meet with all members of the board to share your vision and goals?
  4. Solicit the top 20% of your donors who generate 80% (or more!) of your funds?
  5. Implement a plan to create awareness and involvement?
Chief Fundraising Officer (or development director, depending on the size of your organization). Were you able to:
  1. Put in place – or work with – a data management system that supports you in making critical fund development management decisions?
  2. Recruit and train the volunteers you need to run your annual campaign?
  3. Create and work from a timeline and activity chart that represents 18 months of work?
  4. Meet with your CEO or executive director to learn what is expected of you, and what percentage of the annual fundraising goal you are expected to raise?
Volunteer Leaders. Did you:
  1. Make a meaningful gift to the organization?
  2. Ask for and signed off on your documented roles and responsibilities?
  3. Attend all key meetings and special events?
  4. Review and provide input into the organization’s case for support?
  5. Participate in the recruitment of other volunteers and leaders?
  6. Make the case to other individuals and organizations who could provide support?

Add questions that are specific to your organization, reflect, share, and then 2019 beware!

Copyright 2019 – Mel and Pearl Shaw

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