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Nonprofits, what is your business?

“To Non-Profits …What Business will we be in?” Rosa L. Hunter and Lewis M. Rambo, PhD. ask questions in their provocative article of the same name. They ask nonprofits to think of those they “serve” as “customers” and ask What are we selling?’

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Check your relevancy during times of transition

Fundraising during a transition means asking hard questions of your nonprofit, its mission, work, and the community you serve. Whether it’s COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, or rising unemployment, you cannot continue with “business as usual.”

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Businessman in Cuffs

Nonprofits caught in the middle

How and when do nonprofit leaders take a stand when we know that those who they depend on may not – or do not – agree with their position and may withdraw funding and leadership – and encourage others to also disinvest? A community response.

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Lessons learned: COVID-19 response funding

Crisis philanthropy recognizes the need to provide immediate resources for triage, as well as the importance of recovery resources to ensure community resilience. Learning to act fast and base decisions on trust rather than outcomes.

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A community wide fundraising response to COVID-19

We trust the stakeholders of our neighborhoods—not just in our neighborhoods—to identify needs and develop solutions to address them. Community-wide public-private crisis fundraising with an equity and disparity lens: $4+ million for nonprofits.

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The power within your nonprofit is to be HEARD!

The power of “voice” is within your nonprofit – let it be heard. Its time to make our voices heard, needs known, and to engage the community in advocacy. You cannot be a “best kept secret” and no one can go it alone. Build a team of advocates.

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Pantheon of Freedom

Reflections from a 94-year old social activist

“My mother was left a widow with two children in1932 at the start of the Great Depression, with no job experience. “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps.” Where did such a myth — or attitude come from? – Reflections from a 94 year-old activist.

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Report from HBCU Action Nation – 21st Century & Digital Fundraising

“Revisit the case statement so stakeholders are clear about what we are doing to remain relevant, operational, and impactful at the height of the COVID-19. Engage donors consistently; use the right platforms; and to take advantage of technology.”

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Technology? Digital platforms? Not so fast!

Fundraising success requires access to technology and use of digital platforms. It also requires knowing how to use data to make fund development and fundraising related management decisions that impact the financial health of your organization.

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Fundraising in the time of COVID: Stay focused on your donors

Part Two of Two “As a medical college, Meharry is on the front line of COVID19. We have been doing the work for years but haven’t been given the recognition until now. Our president and CEO, @Dr. James E.K. Hildreth, Ph.D., M.D., has a long history with infectious diseases and is being called on by our mayor as well as national television networks and other media. His leadership and visibility help demonstrate the value of our institution and this is a fundraising opportunity for us. When something comes out in the news where Meharry is highlighted, I have a list of people who I immediately sent it to in order to engage them.” – @Linda R. Witt, Meharry Medical College, Senior Associate Vice President for Development While the needs of […]

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