Are you a proud donor?

Are you a proud donor?What would it mean if you and your family were to take pride in giving to nonprofits?

Yes, there are some negative associations with taking pride in one’s giving. Some think it’s about lauding your giving over others; of being a showoff. But that doesn’t have to be you. We encourage you to apply modesty to your pride for the purpose of encouraging philanthropy in others.

Modesty can facilitate harmony, encourage promotion of shared experience, and create an environment in which the strengths of all within a group, family or organization are valued and uplifted. Combining modesty and pride can help increase resources for the nonprofits you are committed to.  Here is our suggestion for becoming a proud donor.

Bring your family together and talk about the organizations that you support with your time and money.

Are you a proud donor?Review and discuss the following questions.

  1. Are you proud that you are a donor?
  2. How do you express your pride in being a donor?
  3. Is your giving a “family secret” or do you talk about it openly with family members?
  4. Do you let your friends and associates know which organizations you support and why?
  5. When you give, do you request your name be kept anonymous? If yes, what are the reasons for this? Are they still important? Do you want to change this?
  6. Do you make the case to your friends and associates about why you give as you do?
  7. Do you ask your friends to match or surpass what you have given?
  8. Have you hosted an event where you share your gift and its impact?
  9. Do you encourage the organizations you support to proudly include your name as a donor on their website, donor wall, or in announcements of their campaign goals? Do you follow up to ensure that recognition for your gift is in place and that it is accurate?
  10. Are you a proud donor?Do you check with your employer to see if they will match or surpass your gift?
  11. Are you open to share the progression of your giving including how and why you increased your giving over the years?
  12. Have you explored how you can increase your gift and what the impact could be?

Discuss what it would mean for you to be a proud donor and how that could benefit the nonprofits you believe in. There are people who will give because of your giving. We’re not asking you to be a braggart – we are asking you to offer yourself as an example. Your nonprofit – and the people it serves – will benefit.

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