We work with philanthropists and foundations to support select nonprofits, initiatives and programs. We provide training to grantees to help them to grow their fundraising capacity and sustainability. We add value to each organization we work with. We add extra value when there is a need for consultants who reflect the diversity of organizational leaders and communities served.

Consider adding a technical assistance grant to select organizations you fund. You can increase your impact by combining funding and access to fundraising professionals, a resource that too many nonprofits go without.

We work with individual nonprofits who philanthropists want to support. We also work with cohorts.

Our goal is to provide you with an additional way to support nonprofits you believe could make a greater impact.

We will work with you to define a scope of work – or as The Assisi Foundation of Greater Memphis did, you can offer time and let the nonprofit set their goals for our work together. Learn more about The Grand Experiment.

All our work is flexible, customized, and provided by Mel Shaw and Pearl Shaw.

Call us to explore how we can help the nonprofits you support. (901) 522-8727

Our clients include:

  • ABFE – A Philanthropic Partnership for Black Communities
  • Alameda County Healthcare Foundation, Oakland, CA
  • ASCEND:BLO – Bolstering Black Organizations (Oakland, CA)
  • Bay Area Black United Fund, Oakland, CA
  • Charles P. Foster Foundation, San Leandro, CA
  • Ford Foundation, New York, NY
  • Hyde Family Foundations, Memphis, TN
  • The Assisi Foundation of Memphis, Inc.
  • The Prosperity Foundation, CT
  • United Negro College Fund, Fairfax, VA
  • Women’s Foundation for a Greater Memphis
  • Women’s Funding Network, San Francisco

Learn how Saad&Shaw helped The Assisi Foundation leverage its community funding.