Ready to grow your organization? Let us help!

We specialize in helping organizations grow their fundraising to the next level. Let us walk you through the steps for planning, launching, and maintaining successful fundraising programs. We will craft individual solutions to meet your specific needs. No “cookie-cutter” approaches here!

We will sit down with your leadership and others to conduct a full and complete assessment of:

  • Who you are as an organization
  • What you truly want to accomplish
  • Your group’s current capabilities
  • What it will take to achieve your goals

Here’s how we work with our clients:

  • We listen to what you have to say!
    And we answer any questions you may have about us. Then, we ask you questions, because no one knows your organization’s aspirations and situation better than you do.
  • We work with you to understand your current fundraising capacity
    We strive to fully grasp your organization’s history and current level of fundraising capacity at the cellular level so that we can help increase that capacity in a way that works within your budget and culture. We then work closely with you and your organization to discover together the structure, the plans, and the strategies most likely to address your group’s needs and achieve its specific goals.
  • We help you build an organization-wide fundraising culture
    We help you implement a team approach that extends throughout and beyond your group, engaging not only your board members, staff, and volunteers but also local businesses and influential members of the community. We engage, coach, and manage different groups, thereby building strong and mutually beneficial relationships among diverse constituents.

Our services include:

When you engage Saad&Shaw, you get us — Mel and Pearl — from start to finish. Call us ((901) 522-8727) to explore how we can support your fundraising goals!