Our History

Saad&Shaw is fully owned and operated by principals Mel Shaw and Pearl Shaw. We are a husband-and-wife team with over 50 years of combined experience serving diverse organizations across the country. Saad&Shaw was established in 2004, bringing together Shaw & Company, founded by Melvin Shaw (1995) and Phrased Write, founded by Pearl Shaw (2001). We draw on Mel Shaw’s extensive experience working with nonprofits, colleges, universities, grassroots organizations, celebrities, corporate leaders, and members of the media in all our work.  His tried and tested techniques form the backbone of the Saad&Shaw approach to fundraising, community engagement, and successful business operations. These are leveraged by Pearl Shaw’s writing and analytic skills, allowing us to provide our clients with more than concepts, more than talk. We document all of our suggestions so clients can reference them for future use.

Our offices were first located in Oakland California, and in 2010 we relocated to Memphis Tennessee. We continuously refine our services so that we can best meet the needs of new and returning clients. Our experience has allowed us to develop a professional specialization that focuses on helping nonprofits build their fundraising capacity and infrastructure while preparing for and conducting campaigns that represent a significant increase from prior campaigns, if any.