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Help spread the wordTalk really is cheap! It doesn’t cost you anything to talk with your friends about the nonprofits you are involved with.

Most nonprofits do not have the funds nor the resources to help get the word out about their organization, the impact they make, and the needs they fill.

This can be remedied by board members, volunteers, clients, and friends who take the time and effort to talk about the good works and the important role of the organization. People trust the people they know and admire: use that trust to share information about nonprofits you are involved with.

Help spread the wordWhen people ask, “what have you been up to?” you can answer with responses that let others know you are involved with a nonprofit and that it means something to you. You can respond with statements such as, “Last weekend we had a board retreat for nonprofit ABC – we worked together for a day and half to finalize our strategy on x, y, z.” Or, “Next weekend I am going to the state capitol with the young men I mentor at the high school. People keep talking about how young folks are disillusioned about government, but we’ll be meeting personally with legislators.” Or, “My daughter and I are serving dinner next Thursday at the women’s homeless shelter.” Or, “the nonprofit I volunteer with just received a grant from the state to help us expand our programing into more neighborhoods.”

Help spread the wordIf you are involved with a nonprofit you know there are many things that can be shared. Too often we are modest, or don’t want to “impose” our interests on others. You can let go of that thinking, and get to talking as a way to help build awareness for the nonprofits you believe in. Many of us “hear” about nonprofits through the news or social media, but we don’t get involved because we don’t know anyone who is personally involved. Imagine if you heard from your coworker that they are involved in an organization you’ve been curious about?

When you share your involvement you are communicating that you endorse the organization, you believe in their work, you are engaged and committed. You don’t have to invite people to an event, or ask them to make a gift – you can simply share your experience.

Combining your experience with facts and current information is even more powerful. Take a moment to more fully get to know the organization. If you are a board member or volunteer keep your ears and eyes open so you can share information that is shared with you. Review the website, follow the organization on twitter and Facebook. Stay up to date – and ask if there are talking points you can use.

Nobody should be stranger when you are talking about an organization that you believe in. You never know who can impact your organization directly or indirectly. Open your mouth and speak up!

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