Fundraising Styles

In this column, we characterize two types of fundraisers: donor cultivators and donor chasers. We urge our readers to observe their staff and volunteer fundraisers to see which characteristics they closely resemble.

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Special Events Management: An interview with Toni Brown – Part One

Special events play an important role in the life of many nonprofits. These are an opportunity to bring people together in support of a common cause, extend your brand, engage new and continuing donors, create a memorable experience, and most importantly raise money. To help you take your event to the next level we asked a few questions of Toni Brown,  a talented and highly experienced special events producer and co-founder of The Brown Wynn Agency in New York.  Saad&Shaw: Let’s start with the bottom-line question: Does hiring a special events manager guarantee that your event will be successful? Toni Brown: There really are no guarantees when it comes to events. Many factors including, competing events, poor past performance, severe weather, and local emergencies can affect the outcome of a […]

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